Professor Dr. Tomi Laurila received the DSc. degree (with honours) in electronics production technology from the Helsinki University of Technology in 2001. The thesis was focused on the solid-state reactions in different metal/silicon systems and development of feasible diffusion barriers to be used in Cu metallized IC’s. At the moment he is Associate Professor in the field of Microsystem technology and holds an adjunct professorship on Electronics Reliability and Manufacturing. Presently his research involves the study of interfacial reactions between dissimilar materials used in microsystems, biocompatibility issues related to different types of materials and electrochemical measurements of neurotransmitters from the brain. He has published extensively on the thermodynamic-kinetic analysis of interfacial reactions and issues related to reliability testing of electronic devices. Prof. Laurila is also responsible for the teaching of material science, electronics reliability and bioadaptive technology to under- and post-graduate as well as postdoctoral students.