Unveiling the Future of Neurology: Rahman Sabahi Kaviani’s PhD Thesis

We are thrilled to announce the successful defense of Rahman Sabahi Kaviani’s PhD thesis at the Department of Mechanical Engineering on January 17th. Rahman’s dedication, and innovative contributions have propelled his research to new insights, resulting in a significant milestone in his academic journey.

PhD defense

Within his PhD research Rahman Sabahi introduced components which provide researchers and developers with a powerful set of tools to study how neuronal cells behave and interact in different scenarios. This opens exciting possibilities for various applications, advancing our understanding of neurology and aiding in the development of innovative disease models. Overall, this work has the potential to create effective solutions for treating neurodegenerative diseases, improving the quality of life for those affected, and reducing the societal burden associated with these conditions.

Are you intrigued by his PhD thesis and eager to dive into the details? Click the link below to access Rahman Sabahi Kaviani’s complete PhD thesis. Enjoy!

Title of PhD thesis: Development of Nervous System-on-Chip Technology. Supervisors: Dr. Regina Luttge, and Prof. Jaap den Toonder.

Rahman Sabahi Kaviani’s PhD thesis