CONNECT attended the MPS World Summit 2023

During the MPS World Summit 2023 held in Berlin, Germany from June 26th to 30th, the CONNECT consortium unveiled their latest research findings. Young investigators Rahman Sabahi-Kaviani and Suzanne Timmermans, along with other partners from Eindhoven University of Technology (TUe) and Erasmus Medical Center, presented their collaborative work. They showcased a novel design of a microtunnel device that guides neural networks and an actuator chip for localized neuronal stimulation. Their poster, titled “Instructive Microenvironments for Neural Networks,” garnered significant attention from the audience. Another notable contribution came from Gülden Akçay, who presented her innovative microfluidic design for 3D neuronal culture. Her poster, titled “Microfluidically Constructed Novel Brain-on-Chip Microenvironments,” highlighted the advancements in this area. Furthermore, the summit provided an opportunity to reunite with Dr. Alex Bastiaens, a former postdoctoral researcher associated with CONNECT.