CONNECT attended Micro- and Nano Engineering (MNE) 2023 conference

CONNECT consortium had the privilege of participating in the Micro- and Nano Engineering (MNE) 2023 conference in the vibrant city of Berlin, and what an incredible experience it was!

Regina Luttge delivered an invited talk on “Smarter Microsystems through Neuro-Nanoscale Interactions,” diving deep into the fascinating world of neuro-nanoscale connections. Rahman Sabahi took the stage with his talk, a joint work with Aalto University, on “Integration of Mechanical Cues and Electrical Sensing in Nervous System-on-Chip.” Gulden Akcay also delivered an oral presentation on “Innovative Āµfluidic Brain-on-Chip Environments.” The attendance at the event was made possible through invaluable financial support provided by the CONNECT project and the EAISI for the BayesBrain project. In addition to the three talks from Eindhoven University of Technology, Professor Sami Franssila from Aalto University was also present at this conference.

MNE 2023 served as a dynamic hub for knowledge exchange and innovation in micro- and nano-fabrication, encompassing diverse applications and domains. A heartfelt thank you goes out to our team for their dedication and hard work, as well as to the MNE community for fostering a collaborative atmosphere.