Technical University Eindhoven


  • Associate Prof. Dr. Regina Luttge

    Associate Prof. Dr. Regina Luttge:

    combines principles of microfluidics, tissue engineering and electrophysiology into one Brain-on-Chip platform technology. Her core research interest is the design and control of micro- and nanofabrication methods for applications in biology (e.g., microfluidics-assisted bioreactors) and medical devices to tackle clinical questions on brain diseases and for neuropharmaceutical screening. CONNECT complements the translational relevance of her research by providing a unique novel vision of brining Brain-on-Chip technology towards the exploitation for investigating PD.

    Dr. Luttge is a recognized creative and talented scientist as demonstrated by her prolific multidisciplinary track record. She (co)authored more than 100 journal and conference publications, covering 6 main subject areas, such as Engineering, Material Science, Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology, Chemical Engineering, Physics & Astronomy and Pharmacology, Toxicology, Pharmaceutics, together with over 100 co-authors.